Trust is good. Mobile PIN is better.

Your mobile as personal Cloud key

Two factor authentication gives you double security for your Cloud access

Mobile PIN with SMS or with the iPhone App Motoky extends the login with username and password or with a client certificate to a second factor. This enables you to protect your account and your most important data even more reliably from unauthorized access.

Protect your digital identity

Folio Cloud supports two factor authentication for login in the Cloud. Simply activate the Cloud App “Mobile PIN with SMS or Motoky” to increase the security for your account and your team rooms. With each login you then receive a PIN via SMS which has to be entered to complete a successful login.

How to collaborate using Folio Cloud

Tutorial video: Two factor authentication in Folio Cloud

Prof. Dr. Klaus Miesenberger Johannes Kepler University Linz, Head of Institute

"With Fabasoft Folio Cloud we have the first opportunity to organize a research project with multiple partners securely and reliably via the internet. The research documents are stored securely and reliably in Fabasoft Folio Cloud. Only invited and securely identified project team members have access rights.”

Secure business access to the Cloud on your iPhone

It becomes even more convenient when you download the free app Motoky onto your iPhone from the iTunes App Store. Folio Cloud sends a push notification to the iPhone that is paired with your account every time that you login. With Motoky you can confirm the Folio Cloud login with your fingertip and get instant secure Cloud access.

An extra security level for important data

If you are logged in to Folio Cloud with two factor authentication, a higher security level (security clearance) is available to you. Furthermore, Folio Cloud focuses on protective markings for the determination of security levels for your team rooms. i.e. you determine who enjoys your full trust and can only access special high security team rooms when logged in with mobile PIN. This functionality is available to you from Folio Cloud leggero upwards.

Certified quality you can trust

Fabasoft is ISO 9001, ISO 27001 and ISO 20000 certified. Therefore the company belongs to an exclusive group of organizations in Europe that hold these three ISO certifications. Moreover, PricewaterhouseCoopers has tested Fabasoft according to ISAE 3402 Type 2. This translates into certified security and reliability for our customers for the saving of data in the Cloud. The saving of data takes place in Fabasoft data centers in Europe – this means that the data is guaranteed to stay in the European Union.

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