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Folio Cloud is the perfect solution for the structured and informal collaboration in your organisation and with your business partners.

What Folio Cloud offers your organization

Secure data storage

Professional document management

  • Secure and reliable document storage, no matter what file type or origin.
  • Import entire directory structures in one step.
  • Integration of business tools on your PC or Mac: Microsoft Office, OpenOffice.org and Apple iWork.
    Documents can be opened for editing with a double click - just as you are used you.
  • The fulfillment of compliance requirements in the cloud is vitally important for companies. Traceability, transparency and clear rules for the collaboration with business partners form the foundation of compliance.
  • Continuous versioning and auditing ensures traceability and guarantees that no important data gets lost.
  • With the full-text search you can find all documents at lightning speed - but only if you have access rights!
  • Redundance-free storage guarantees to only use one storage space for a document.
    (Single Instance Content Store). This saves both storage space and money.
  • With automatic synchronization you can make documents and available locally on your notebook or Mac
    without connection to the cloud.

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Online collaboration

Online collaboration

The most important collaboration tool in Folio Cloud is the team room, a virtual data room. Save all relevant documents to a team room and make them available to only those colleagues and business partners who are explicitly authorized. In team rooms there are three different types of access rights: "Read", "Change" and "Full Control".

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Mobile Access

Mobile access

Use Folio Cloud anywhere in the world where you have an internet connection. As soon as you're online you have access to all your cloud data via your computer, laptop, smartphone and tablet.

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Clear access rights


Data storage takes place in high-performance data centers in Europe. Therefore European standards of security, reliability and data protection apply. User login takes place via client certificates, digital ID and two factor authentication to guarantee the highest level of protection.

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Cloud Models

Fabasoft offers public, private and hybrid cloud models.

More about the Fabasoft cloud models

Manage your organization

Management of organizations and members

  • Organizations purchase editions, online storage space and Cloud Apps centrally for all its members. The administration of these important cloud features gives your organization more overview and control.
  • With organization logos your organization can achieve a high recognition value for all team rooms and portal pages. It's also possible to adapt the Folio Cloud color scheme to your own brand or corporate profile. Individual themes are made available via a Cloud App.
  • The administrators of your organization invite members to join the organization and adapt their contact data to ensure a consistent outwards image. In the case of personnel changes, they can end a user's membership to the organization. They can also optionally set a substitute who takes over the access rights and functions of the departing organization member.
  • With organizational units such as "Sales" or "Marketing" you can model your organizational structure in the cloud. This then allows you to authorize groups to access certain content in Folio Cloud without needing to assign individual access rights.

This tutorial video shows you how to manage your organization in the cloud:

How to bring your organization into the cloud

References and case studies

Find out how our customers use the advantages of Folio Cloud. From reliable collaboration to efficient project management and secure data exchange.

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Our awards give you assurance

Fabasoft wins EuroCloud Austria Award 2012

Award Best Business Cloud 2012

Winner of IT INNOVATION PRIZE 2012 for SMEs

Winners logo from IT INNOVATION PRIZE 2012 in the category DMS

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