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Did you know that...?

19.03.2012, by William Wallace , in Usability and Style @en, Webinar   
The March update has brought another set of detailed improvements and usability upgrades, so without further ado:

Did you know that...

...we present our Cloud updates live in a free monthly "What's New" webinar?

What's New Webinar In our regular 45 minute webinar we present the latest Folio Cloud features and answer your questions. And you can take part from the comfort of your own computer! Our next webinar takes place on Monday, April 3, 2012 at 4pm CET. Register now for free!

...we've optimized the dialog window for the creation of new objects?

You may already be familiar with the new format for the creation of objects. Large icons and a clear display ensure a better overview when you want to create various objects in Folio Cloud. The new dialog window also comes complete with a dynamic filter and is fully compatible with keyboard operation.
New Create Dialog Window

New Create Dialog Window

... you can edit pictures in the Cloud?

You team room logo is too big? Your new profile picture has the wrong format? No problem! With a click on "edit" you can open the new internal editor to scale the image to the right size and to select an extract. This function is available for the following areas:
  • Profile picture
  • Team room Logo
  • Organization logo
  • Art collection
  • CRM


New Picture Editor (here for profile picture)

...you can save hyperlinks as URL files?

Hyperlinks are now saved as URL files (with the ending "WEBSITE" or "URL"). This makes it possible to open hyperlinks directly out of the Cloud network drive or Cloud folder.

...we've given the Folio Cloud login page a makeover?

With the March update we've made the Folio Cloud login page even more user-friendly. The dialogs for registration, password forgotten and account locked now open directly within the tab and no longer link to an external page.

Integrated Registration Form on Login Page

When you log in with digital ID, you now just have to select the relevant country's flag and begin the authentication process.

New Digital ID Login Tab

...we've changed the e-mail notifications when a member leaves an organization?

Since the March update only organization members who have "full control" in organization team rooms will be informed by e-mail that a member has left the organization. More information about the Cloud for your organization can be found here.

...we've improved the import of contacts with CSV files?

During the import of contacts with CSV files an Excle file can now be used as a data source. You no longer need to convert the Excel file into a CSV file in UTF-8 format.

...a task burndown is now available for Scrum?

With the task burndown, Scrum teams can get a quick overview of how many tasks have been completed in the current sprint. To activate the task burndown open the scrum project's context menu with a right click and select "properties". Then under the "settings" tab tick the box next to "use task board". You can find more information about the Cloud App Scrum here.

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