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Cloud Conference in Vienna: Cloud Computing & Virtualization

18.02.2011, by William Wallace , in Events @en   

Cloud Computing - Clear Skies or Storms ahead?

Under this title, L.S.Z Consulting GmbH is holding a Cloud Computing and Virtualization conference on February 23 2011 at Palais Eschenbach in Vienna. At the event Andreas Dangl, Managing Director and Head of Software Development at Fabasoft, will be speaking about Folio Cloud, the Cloud for Business-2-Business Collaboration "made in Europe". The focus of his lecture will be the shaping of the Cloud by the development of Cloud Apps.

Shaping the Cloud: Cloud Apps

Folio Cloud offers software developers a "Platform as a Service" for the development of Cloud Apps. Cloud Apps are business applications, which specialize Folio Cloud Team Rooms for specific application areas, as a "Sales Room", "Project Room" or "Conference Management Room" for example. By developing Cloud Apps, software developers therefore have the opportunity to play a direct part in the groudbreaking success of the Cloud.

Laarn more about the Future of Business Applications

The lecture on 23.02.2011 at the Palais Eschenbach in Vienna is the perfect opportunity to learn more about the future of business applications in the Cloud from an expert source.

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